Field Asset Management


Geographically dispersed expensive assets


Real-time status and operational attributes


Geo Location, Maintenance schedules and Events


When abnormal scenarios are detected


  • GPRS based integration to assets or sensors linked to assets.
  • Categorizize assets by location, section, functionality or other criteria.
  • Location tracking with GPS and geo-tags on Google Maps.
  • Real-time status monitor and historical data analysis.
  • Manual logging and status update with mobile app for immediate synch with server
  • Maintenance scheduling, execution and tracking.
  • Automatic alerts via SMS/eMail when abnormal conditions are detected.
  • Option for cloud or customer-premise hosting.
  • 24/7 access to application from anywhere with standard browser or mobile app.



Solar PV Installations





Mobile Towers


Field Assets

Our Services

  • Assessment, requirements analysis and solution architecture.
  • Hardware installation and configuration.
  • Cloud or on-premise hosting.
  • Application configuration based on user requirements.
  • Development of customized reports.
  • Application maintenance and support.

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