Streamline Sales and Service Operations

Manage Leads and followups

Organize Orders and dispatching

Project and task management

Service request and Issue management

Performance tracking of field-team

CRM with GPS Tracking

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM application can streamline your sales/services operations, improve collaboration and increase accountability resulting in better closure rates and satisfied customers. vtiger CRM is one of the most popular open-source CRM application used by thousands of people around the world. iReveal has developed additional features over vTiger CRM specific to customer requirements.

Key benefits of iReveal CRM solution

Cost effective 

With no per-user or recurring cost or IT maintenence expense


Application and data stored on your own private cloud server with secure access

Mobile & Web Access 

Flexibility of internet access with synchronized views from web or mobile app more..


Data-entry screens, business-processes and Reports as per business requirements.


with other applications like SMS/Email gateways, Tally, WordPress, PDFMaker etc.

GPS Tracking

For directions, distance measurement and better accountability. more..

Our Services

  • Private cloud hosting of vTiger server and extension modules.
  • Set up of vTiger modules, filters, fields and workflows as per your business requirements
  • Upload existing customer related data into vTiger application.
  • Incoming and outgoing eMail automation
  • Setup users, profiles, permissions and organization hierarchy.
  • Develop custom reports in vTiger as per requirements.
  • Bulk licensing of iRev-GeoTracker mobile App and white-labeling with customer logo
  • Develop new features in iRev GeoTracker - for Vtiger mobile app as per requirements.
  • Application maintenance and support.

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