Enterprise Energy Management

Reduce energy related Costs

Improve operations efficiency

Reduce carbon footprint

" The first step to managing is Measurement "

Research has shown that proper management of energy use can save up to 30% of energy cost !


How does it work

Energy management consists of periodic monitoring and analysis of energy data. When this is correlated with operational data, it leads to improved awareness, identification of energy leaks and areas of operational inefficiency. This becomes the baseline for implementing corrective steps. With our iRev IOT framework , we integrate with smart energy-meters to automate the process of collecting meter data of equipment and section-feeders. This is normalized, grouped and collated with contextual information to provide actionable information related to energy usage and cost, load variations and quality of power. Users are notified when anomalies are detected for proactive response to expensive and dangerous issues.

Our solution for Energy management

Typical energy monitoring systems are stand-alone desktop applications that rely on expensive and proprietary hardware. iRev-Energy Management System (iRev EMS) offers a cost effective approach to energy management using inexpensive and industry-standard meters/sensors and the flexibility of internet cloud-based service so that information is available anytime and from anywhere. The focus is on prevention and proactive action by modeling and predictive analysis to identify wastages and areas of inefficiency.

iRev EMS features

Web & Mobile access

Easy & secure access to real-time status from anywhere with internet connection

Multi location

Can scale up from few sensors to hundreds spread across multiple locations

Data analytics

Sophisticated algorithms to transform data to actionable information.

Configurable alerts

for proactive action to handle dangerous and expensive abnormalities

Predictive Maintenance

Intelligent sensing of abnormalities & predictive maintenance

Flexible Integration

Can be linked to sensors that support different communication methods

Our Services

  • Systems Architecture based on assessment of customer premises and requirements analysis.
  • Procurement, installation, cabling and hardware configuration.
  • EMS Application entities and alerts setup to model equipments, sections and feeders.
  • Alert notifications and Report scheduling setup for different users.
  • Energy audit reports.
  • Application hosting, maintenance and support.

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