Enterprise Utility Management

with iRev-eMaX


How does it work

Energy management consists of periodic measurement and analysis of energy data from strategic points of the distribution network. When this is correlated with operational data such as finished-goods output, weather data or service-count, it leads to improved awareness of energy leaks or areas of operational inefficiency. This becomes the baseline for implementing corrective steps. With iRev-eMAX IOT framework data collection and analysis becomes automatic. Real-time raw data from smart-meters is collected, normalized, grouped and collated with contextual information to provide actionable information for utility usage and cost optimization. Corrective action can be either automatic system-driven or user-driven. Users are notified when anomalies are detected for proactive response to expensive and dangerous issues.

Benefits of Utility Management System

Optimize utility usage

Improve accountability and compliance with operating procedures by reviewing patterns and trends of utility usage.

Improve operational efficiency

Correlate organization output with utility usage by logical modeling and cost allocation to better utilize resources.

Avoid equipment failure

Monitor equipment status and benchmark with standards to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.


Statutory compliance

Readily available data to comply with statutory guidelines related to carbon footprint and emissions.



Ensure safety

Automatic anomaly detection and proactive response to avoid dangerous and expensive system failures.



Accurate Costing and Billing

Costing based on precise usage of utility and other resources. Billing and estimation based on actual usage.

iRev-eMaX features

Web & Mobile access

Easy & secure access to real-time status from anywhere with internet connection


Visually conveys real-time status of key equipment or processes

Anomaly Detection

Proactively identifies anomalies before they become dangerous or expensive issues

Flexible Integration

Can be linked to sensors that support different communication protocols

Geo Tracking

Track current position of assets spread across geographical locations

Predictive Analysis

Analysis based on mathematical modeling of historical data and predictive algorithms

Industrial Applications

of iRev-eMaX


Industrial Manufacturing

Utilization and efficiency analysis, Alerts and reports.


Solar EPC Vendors

Real time status and Down time alerts, Weather trend, Daily generations reports.


Hospitality and Healthcare

Usage trend and breakdown analysis, Preventive maintainance to avoid down time.


Facility Management

Remote monitoring and Control, Preventive alerts and Notifications, Customer login


Contract Maintenance

Real-time monitoring and control of remote equipments. Preventive and Predictive maintenance for reduced downtime.


Utility Service Providers

Accurate billing, Demand side management, Customer Portal.

Our Services

  • Systems Architecture based on assessment of customer premises and requirements analysis.
  • Procurement, installation, cabling and hardware configuration.
  • EMS Application entities and alerts setup to model equipments, sections and feeders.
  • Alert notifications and Report scheduling setup for different users.
  • Energy audit reports.
  • Application hosting, maintenance and support.

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