Process Management


varying attributes from different data points to ensure quality compliance


variations so that it could be analyzed for patterns and trends.


process flow for a quick snapshot of the health of system


users when abnormal scenarios are detected.

How does it work

Communication capable sensors such as pressure gauges, temperature sensors or flow-meters installed at strategic points are linked with iRev IOT framework . Real-time value coming from the sensors are used to animate the Visual screens. Control commands generated from the framework are routed to a control device such as a PLC that drives the equipment. Users are notified by SMS or email when anomalies are detected. Alerts can optionally drive a hooter circuitry for more audible sirens.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports integration with different types of sensors and controllers
  • Time period or activity based automatic logging.
  • Real-time values and trends.
  • Visualize process flow with animated HMI views based on real-time values.
  • Historical data analysis such as daily, weekly or monthly trends.
  • Correlate variable data with contextual information such as production batch or shift.
  • Automatic alerts by SMS/email when variations are outside of pre-set limits.
  • Option for cloud or customer-premise hosting.
  • 24/7 access to application from anywhere with standard browser or mobile app.

Industrial Applications

of iRev-IOT in Process Management

Food Processing

Temperature monitoring, Heating/Cooling status, Alerts

Utility Management

Flow-rate monitoring, Total Flow, Visualization

Process Manufacturing

Pressure, Temperature monitoring, Visualization

Treatment Plants

Flow-rates, Level sensors, Pump status, Visualization

Our Services

  • Requirements analysis and solution architecture based on iRev-IOT framework.
  • Hardware installation and configuration.
  • Cloud or on-premise hosting.
  • Application configuration based on user requirements.
  • Development of customized reports.
  • Application maintenance and support.

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