Visualization & Dashboard

Graphical representation

conveys information better compared to numbers in a spreadsheet

Patterns and Trends

analysis is easier with visualization

Zoom in and Out

Makes sense of large amounts of data with summary and drill-down options


Dashboard provides different perspectives based on user preference

How does it work?

A typical dashboard application consists of three process layers: 1) ETL, 2) Storage and Visualization and 3) Dashboard. The ETL layer extracts data from source systems such as other applications or systems, applies transformation logic, and inserts into a database. The Visualization layer optionally groups the data and converts the data into pictorial representations. A dashboard combines multiple visual reports in a single view to provide different perspectives of your operations or systems.

There are several open-source and commercial tools for each of these layers, each with different capabilities and limitations. The optimum tool is chosen based on customer requirement.

Our Services

  • Requirements analysis and solution architecture
  • ETL : Tableu, Manual upload from Excel, CSV
  • Database: MySQL, HSQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, MongoDB
  • Visualization: BIRT, D3, chart.js, Highjump, Google charts
  • Application Server: Apache, TomEE

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