Case Studies

Maximum-demand tracking and load normalization

A solution to analyse electricity demand surges and to review options for normalizing peak-loads.

Remote performance tracking of Solar PV systems

A solution to remotely track real-time status and energy output of Solar PV system.

Real-time Process visualization with SVG

A solution for visually representing process components and animation based on real-time values from sensors.

Real-time monitoring in mobile App

A solution to monitor readings of a sensor in real-time on a mobile application.

Browser based HMI screens

A web based HMI screen with equipments and meters represented as visual widgets with animation from real-time values.

Production efficiency with Specific- Energy

Track production-line efficiency by comparing energy usage with production quantity.

Anomaly detection in energy data

A solution to detect anomalies in energy distribution with minimal user intervention.

Nonintrusive Load Monitoring

Cost-effective Nonintrusive load monitoring methodologies in energy management.

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