iRev CRM-FieldXprt

iRev CRM-FieldXprt is a mobile app that extends the traditional vTiger CRM functionality to users on the field enabling access to relevant customer information, real-time status updates and geo-location tracking. This mobile app is meant to be used along with our vTiger custom module GeoTracker mobile app.

iRev CRM-FieldXprt

Key Features

View, Add or Edit your Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Tickets, Contacts or Events.

Information to be displayed on mobile App can be controlled from CRM server

Updates from App (field) or vtiger web (Office) immediately visible to each other.

View nearby Opportunities, Leads, Contacts or Accounts on Maps based on current location and proximity setting

Upload images from phone-camera and associate with any entity on CRM server

Geo-tag and time-stamp logged for every update from App. Can be configured for time-period based auto logging.

Sign-On/Sign-Off to mark beginning and end of a business day. This is used for calculating total distance covered in a day.

Integrated with Google Maps for location tracking and displaying directions to customer.

Offline data storage when network coverage is limited with automatic synchronization to server

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