iRev EMS Mobile App

This is an Android app that integrates to a server like iRev-IOT server for displaying energy or utility information. This app can be reconfigured to connect to any server that exposes utility usage data with RESTful Apis.

iRev Energy Management System


Real-time monitor of any meter or sensor data anywhere on the internet that is connected to iRev IOT server

Daily, weekly or monthly energy usage trend.

Distribution of energy across sub-feeders of a section in pie-chart form.

Line chart of Load trends of any section or equipment for selected duration.

Alert notifications categorized by priority and with options for update.

Options to enter manual meter readings and status updates. These are synchronized with iRev-IOT server.

Cost trend feature to view the trend of cost.

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  • Mobile access for a Customer or tenant to review real-time and historical utility usage .
  • For field staff to remotely monitor assets status from a smart phone or tablet.
  • Maintenance tracking and logging from the field or shop-floor.