iRev GeoTracker

iRev GeoTracker is a vtigerCRM extension (plugin) module that tracks the performance of your sales and service employees on the field and improves coordination between your field-staff and office-staff. The office-staff can track the route taken by the field staff, distance traveled, and status updates directly from the field along with time-stamp. The field staff has the option to inform office-staff of their precise location. This module is meant to be used along with iRev GeoTracker - for Vtiger mobile app. Updates done on iRev GeoTracker - for Vtiger are synchronized with the vtigerCRM server along with geo-location information from GPS. This information is used to compute the distance traveled and plot the route on Google Maps.


  • Geolocation of updates: Whenever an Event, Opportunity, Lead, Ticket, Contact or Account assigned to a user is updated from the mobile app, the user’s current location is linked to that update along with time and stored. Thus, when and where the update took place can be easily tracked.
  • Geolocation update
  • check-in : If a user wishes merely to record that he was at a place, he can do a ‘check-in’ from the mobile app. A check-in is not linked to any entity. Only the location and time are stored.
  • Check-in
  • Daily Tracking : Shows a list of places visited and updates done by a user in a day along with time of visit. A mobile app user does a 'Sign On' and 'Sign Off' from iRev CRM-FieldXprt app at the beginning and end of a business day respectively. These are used to calculate the total distance travelled by him in the day.
  • Daily Tracking
  • Route Map: Displays the route map of visits of the user on Google Maps. Clicking on the pins shows details of the visit along with the time.
  • Route Map
  • Time Period Tracking : Lists location and time of all the visits in the given time period. Also shows the total distance covered for the entire period. This can be used to view the details of visits carried out by the user in a month.
  • Time period tracking
  • Travel Summary: Gives a view of the day-wise total distance covered by a user for any specified time period. This aids in calculating travel allowance.
  • Travel Summary
  • Last Activity : Displays the last activity of each user on the field. It helps a sales manager get a consolidated view of the current location of all his field staff. He can then decide which one of them to direct to ,say, a new requirement in a nearby area.
  • Last Activity
  • Location Setting: Location of entities such as Organization,Opportunity,Ticket and Lead are automatically stored based on the information entered in their associated address fields. A user can optionally set/change the location by manually picking from the map.
  • Location Setting
  • Nearby Entities: A mobile app user is provided with the feature that he can view the Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts etc which are within ,say, a 10 mile radius. This helps the user take a call on which location to visit next, provided he has some time to spare in his schedule. User can configure the distance to consider 'nearby' in the app's settings.
  • Nearby Entities
  • Driving directions: A user can easily navigate to the location of an Event, Opportunity, Lead etc in the mobile app based on driving directions as provided by Google maps.

  • Directions