Portable Analyzer

Portable Power Analyzer is a tool for measuring energy usage and electrical attributes of any equipment or feeder. The portable nature of this kit enables monitoring from a location for some period and then the flexibility to easily move to another location, saving the expense of having to install dedicated energy meters and accessories for every equipment or feeder. It can be integrated with iRev-IOT or any other server that supports Modbus protocol.

portable energy analyser


  • Integrates with server using GPRS or Wifi interface.
  • Comes with three split-core CTs (Current Transformer) and crocodile clips for ease of coupling an dis-coupling.
  • Can be used to measure all typical parameters of supplied power such as Phase currents, voltages, Loads (kWA), Consumption units (kWH), Harmonics etc.
  • Supports integration with any servers having static IP addresses and modbus polling capability such as cloud hosted iRev-IOT.
  • Facilitates real-time monitoring and historical data analysis of any electrical parameter.