iRev-iOTRA platform

iRev-iOTRA is a cloud-ready software suite that enables remote monitoring, analysis and control of thousands of smart devices anywhere on the internet. Using standards based integration, sophisticated transformation and data presentation techniques, iRev-iOTRA facilitates management of enterprise assets with any standard web browser or mobile app.

Data Capture

Integrates disparate hardware systems by industry-standard protocols and interfaces. Data is acquired on a near real-time basis, grouped and routed to iRev-iOTRA server hosted on the internet.


Raw data from multiple data-acquisition modules is transformed to information. Data is normalized with data-cleansing algorithms, aggregated and collated with contextual information. The transformed data is stored in a data warehouse optimized for big data analytics.

Information and Control Layer

A centralized console ensures all information is in one place with secure and role based access to application. Real-time status and Alerts enable proactive response to issues. Interactive graphical dashboards provide historical data analysis.

iRev-iOTRA Key Features

Web & Mobile access

Easy & secure access to real-time status from anywhere with internet connection


Visually conveys real-time status of key equipment or processes

Anomaly Detection

Proactively identifies anomalies before they become dangerous or expensive issues

Flexible Integration

Can be linked to sensors that support different communication protocols

Geo Tracking

Track current position of assets spread across geographical locations

Predictive Analysis

Analysis based on mathematical modeling of historical data and predictive algorithms

IOTRA framework Tech Stack


iRev-iOTRA Other Features

  • Integrates with different types of meters, sensor or data concentrators via industry standard protocols such as Modbus, BACNet or OPC.
  • Supports different types of interfaces such as GPRS, Wifi, LAN or serial ports.
  • Data can be imported from external applications such as SCADA, PLC or production control systems for benchmarking and collation.
  • Distributed architecture that scales up to support simultaneous integration with thousands of smart devices.
  • Secure access to application by role-based access control.
  • Event or time based automatic data capture with data-cleansing algorithms.
  • Real-time status, trends and configurable alerts via email/SMS/Pop-Up.
  • Configurable and interactive reports and dashboards that can be exported to different formats.
  • Process visualization with animation based on real-time values.
  • Options for executing control commands based on configurable conditions.
  • Can be deployed on a cloud server or installed at customer premises.

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