We offer services in

End-to-end Product Development

Technical Implementation

Maintenance, Enhancements & Support

Areas of Specialization

Real-time monitoring

Web-based remote monitoring of systems and sensors.

Protocol implementation

Communication protocol for systems integration.

ETL & Data warehousing

Extraction of data from external systems, data grouping and analytics.

Reporting and dashboards

Visual representation of summary data in pie, bar, polar or line charts or in ‘widgets’ of dashboards.

Process visualization

Web-based animation based on real-time systems status or parameter values.

Mobile App Development

Material design, intuitive UI,scheduled services,SqlLite integration,GPS interface,REST-API/web-service integration.

Application Integration

Synchronous or asynchronous integration with external applications such as ERP,CRM, or Billing with Work-Flow engines, web-service or REST-Apis.

Process We Follow

Functional Specification

  • Use-Case Specifications.
  • Acceptance Criteria.

Architecture & Design

  • UX and wire-frame modelling.
  • Languages/Tools/Libraries evaluation.
  • Module and Integration Architecture.
  • Data Flow Design.
  • Reporting and Dashboard Design.
  • Security & Scalability Design.


  • Agile sprint planning.
  • Coding and code-review.
  • Unit Testing.


  • Testcase Preparation.
  • Functional Testing.
  • Integration Testing.
  • Multi-device responsive Testing.
  • Test script automation.
  • Performance and Stress Testing.

Hosting & Maintenance

  • Application and Server configuration.
  • Backup & Recovery.
  • Performance monitoring and Tuning.
  • Issue Tracking and Resolution.

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